Friday, 11 November 2011

The Reality Surrounding 11:11:11

source: The History of God
by: Guy Steven Needler

ME: There is a lot of talk in spiritual circles about the date 11:11:11, its significance being the focal point in the change in energies associated with the Earth and its ascension. Can you offer any advice on this date, the ascension and whether they are linked in any way.

SE: Your readers should see me smiling the smile of one who is always surprised at mankind’s ability to put a spiritual label on dates that are easily made into a palindrome by stealth. 11:11:2011 is not a palindrome hence the smile. In essence it is cheap, low grade spiritualism, which will only serve to lose the personal credibility of those spiritualists, who promote this type of misinformation when no big identifiable change occurs.

Energetically this date has no bearing on a change in frequency nor the ascension, for this is a gradual change that has been in process for over three to four decades. Those sensitive enough will have noticed that over these last decades they have been able to gain access to certain information, or have gained interest in spiritual subjects, that they would not have been interested in, or have been able to access previously. This is the true measure of the level of rise in the Earths base frequency, and provided humanity continues on the path it is currently on, the base frequency will continue to rise at a rate equal to the total spiritual contribution of the Earth's population.

As more and more individuals become aware of the greater reality, and their spiritual abilities increase, the Earth’s population draws closer to the critical mass necessary to allow those others who are not so spiritually inclined, but who are never-the-less close to being so, to become accustomed to those energies necessary for the change to enlightened living through the affect of triangulation. Those who are not spiritually inclined will simply not benefit from the capabilities associated with existing in a higher frequency base. Those that are spiritually inclined though will see an increase in their body’s base frequency, making them appear lighter, less visible/perceivable to the current human eye and more in phase with the next frequency level.

This will continue to be a gradual process and not one that will happen overnight, so based upon this the date of 11th November 2011 will come and go as any other day on Earth.

Mankind should rejoice though, as a gradual ascension is more stable than an instantaneous one, for the population has a chance to get used to the higher frequencies at a gradual, sustainable and robust pace.

Guy Steven Needler
5th November 2011

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