Thursday, 15 December 2011

Guys Needler Workshop - Traversing The Frequencies

History of God Workshops

Traversing The Frequencies

Discovering the Pathways to Ascension - Level One Certificate

A Workshop with Guy Steven Needler Author of "The History of God" - Ozark Mountain Publishing

Help the Ascension by learning to traverse the higher frequencies and personally communicate with God

Overview Of Course Content: 

· A 30-40 minute lecture where Guy will talk about his own interest in metaphysics and his subsequent awakening, channelled information on the spiritual beings contacted, who and what God is, the structure of Gods universe, and humankind's role within it. A questions and answers session will follow on.

· A series of guided personal and paired exercises relative to the methodology used to raise the participants frequencies above those of the human aura, up to, and beyond those, of the "currently undetected content of" the physical universe.

· The relationship of the Chakras and Auric layers relative to the frequencies the human body occupies in the energetic universe.

· Group discussion of personal experiences, plus physical responses encountered during the course, giving experiential PROOF of ones ability to rise up the frequencies.

· Guided meditation exercises relative to the structure of God's Universe and how we can traverse it to communicate with other spiritual beings and God.


The course will start at 10.00am with lunch from 1.30pm to 2.30pm, finishing no later than 6.30pm

This Workshop will focus on his work and methods used to traverse the frequencies and contact God.

Cost: £60.00 To confirm a place on this workshop purchase or reserve ticket by midnight: 27th January 2012

A precourse talk will also take place during Daisy's Gathering of Angels Night on the 27th Jan 2012

Cheques made payable to: Beyond the Source If paying on the day.

Workshop Details: Date: 28th January 2012
Start Time: 10:00am
Venue: Daisy Centres 6 Church Lane,Glastonbury, BA6 9JQ
A link to the following can be used to secure places

Bed and Breakfast is available at a discount rate from Daisy for those attending this course at only £30 per person per night for shared accomodation, (seperate accomodation is £40).
Tel: 01458 834 587 / 020 8287 9331
Mob: 07970 108156


Subsequent intermediate (Level 2) & advanced (Level 3) workshops scheduled for later in the year will focus on prolonged, and robust use of, these and other methods of traversing the frequencies, including creating a permanent communicative link with God.

If you want a chat about this course please contact:
Tel :   +44 (0)1564 822093
Mob : +44 (0)7876 504321

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